Our Faculty

Dr. Hinkle is Board Certified in Family Practice. Besides being a D.O., he is a DNM (Doctor of Natural Medicine, DMM (doctor of Missionary medicine), and a lay chaplain in the Knight's Hospitaller. During the years since 1978 his activities have included a primary care practice with full staff privileges at four hospitals, courtesy endoscopy privileges at two hospitals, and covering the emergency room. He has been chief of staff, chairman of the department of family practice and member of two hospital boards. Since 1996 he has integrated holistic and complementary treatment modalities into his practice in MI. Here in St. George his focus will be to offer complementary options to his clients.

Judy Hinkle BA, DNM Office Manager, Billing and Accounts Receivable. Judy has assumed more of a back office position this year while tending their granddaughter.